The Culture

We didn’t start out wanting to make musical instruments …We started out needing to do art, and we think this shows in our work. The instruments, the music and the culture at KunKuMan grew from this need to do art. Every piece is one-off, unique and hand made with a lot of love and respect for the culture, the instrument and the materials we work with. The agave, the leather, the clay and the copper are every bit as important as the finished piece.

Stay in Touch

Our new website is coming soon… Until then stay in touch or join our mailing list and we’ll let you know the minute the new site goes live. If you need more information on up-coming events, available instruments, or want to talk about a custom build, just let us know.

Contact Us


+51 940 215 448


KM 1.5 – Camino a Paron
Shocsha, Cordillera Blanca, Peru


KM 1.5
Camino a Paron
Cordillera Blanca
Shocsha, Peru

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