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Ancestral in F

Five Hole • Rim Blown Oblique

This flute looks and feels the part, with a beautiful “well worn” antique finish, its a great display. It’s easy to play, strong, clear, and vibrant, with a good dynamics, and extended upper range. It’s best suited for medium to large hands, and a medium embouchure. A good choice for most beginning players.
Capirona with EnviroTex® Crystalline Resin. Weathered, antique Black Iron Oxide finish with traditional sinew bindings, sealed for water resistance and UV protection. (ANC00143)

$160 us

Available / Made to Order
with Leather Wrap

Capirona with EnviroTex® Crystalline Resin. Weathered, antique Black Iron Oxide finish with traditional sinew bindings, sealed for water resistance and UV protection. (ANC00143)

$160 us

Available / Made to Order
with Leather Wrap

F Minor Pentatonic
F • A • B • C • E • F
46 cm / 18 in.
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How to Get Started

Our flutes are individually handcrafted. They are unique in many respects, and we want to make sure they’re right for you before they leave KunKuMan. Let us know what you’re interested in. We’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction, and help you get started.

Things to Consider

Of course the look, feel, and sound (the timbre or voice of the instrument) are important, something has to click, right? But just as important are the key and range of the instrument, the necessary playing embouchure, even the reach of your arms, hands, and fingers. Will you need it to play, left hand, right hand, or both? What about sensitivity, control, and dynamic range or volume? All the these things effect the playability of the instrument, and how well you get along, especially for beginning players.

What's on the Website

The flutes you find here may be new and still available, or may have sold and remain on the website as part of our portfolio. While all of our flutes can be “Made to Order”, there are certain limitations. Get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions, or concerns you might have.

If a flute is listed as “Available”, let us know you’re interested. Include any specific questions you might have using the form on the flute detail page, and we’ll get back with more information on that particular flute. Please make sure to provide any shipping and handling information.

If a flute is listed as “Made to Order”, and you would like to know more, first take a look at the following information on materials we work with, available finishes, and tuning, and then use the form on this page. Please include any specific questions or requests. We’ll get back in touch with more information on the process, and to get a few details from you. Orders generally take four to six weeks and are subject to the availability of the materials. It takes a bit more time and patience, but it’s a great way to purchase a flute. In the end, the instrument is truly yours. See “Made to Order” below.

Materials We Work With

Most of the materials we use are sourced locally. We try to work as much as possible within the community, and with care and stewardship towards the environment, land, and other resources we all depend on.

We want every instrument to be unique yet genuine, and the materials we choose help make this possible. The traditional use a particular material is important to us. So we are partial to Bone, Tobacco, Sunflower, Agave, Toco, and Carizzo (A. donax), but also work with two or three sustainable hardwoods. Here in Peru, these include Tornillo, Copaiba, and Nogal (or walnut).

The tobacco, toco (Furcraea andina), and other plant stalks we use all grow naturally in the surrounding area, and are harvested naturally. We let every plant go through its full life cycle to seed. The agaves, and toco flower and are left in the mountains for the full season, to be sure they have dropped all their seed. They’re then harvested and brought down before the next rainy season starts.

We use various leathers, natural fibres, ceramics, silver and copper; in dressing, weathering and finishing our flutes, cases and bags. We try to source as many materials as possible locally. Most are native to the Central Andes and Pacific coast of Peru.

Resins and Coatings

EnviroTex®, Crystalline Resins provide durability and stability, while augmenting sound quality and improving playability. All of the resins and coatings we use are food safe. They are generally acrylic compounds, water and alcohol resistant, and provide some degree of UV protection.

All Natural Products

You can special order a flute using only natural products including, glues, sealers, tints, waxes and oils (all subject to availability). There is however a commitment to care and maintenance that comes along with all natural products. Please be aware, water, heat and chemical resistance (including alcohol), are much lower, or lacking all together when using only natural products. This can effect the life of the instrument.

Density & Hardness

There is a lot of information available about density and hardness; and how this effects sound, playability, and durability in flutes. The argument over materials, has been around as long as the flute. From a practical standpoint, and from makers that appreciate primitive instruments and traditional materials, here’s our take.

Harder or softer materials effect “timbre” — the voice of the flute, as distinct from pitch and intensity, and pretty dramatically. This is fairly subjective, especially in primitive flutes. Do you want it to sound a bit deeper, or brighter? Hollow, or more distant? Here are are some things to think about when considering our flutes.

Harder Woods

Copaiba, Nogal, and Bone – offer a bolder, brighter sound. These materials are durable, but heavier to handle especially in larger flutes that require an extended reach, important if you play or practice a lot. *They also tend to be more effected by temperature and humidity.

Softer Woods

Tornillo, and all stalks, reeds and bamboos offer a warmer, more resonant sound. They’re lighter in hand, but slightly less durable, and if left untreated require more care in handling.

Acrylic & Epoxy Resins

Using resins we are able adjust density and therefore timbre, keeping our flutes light while improving strength and durability. This is especially important for our stalk flutes, leaving them as strong as hard woods of the same wall thickness. Resins improve durability, and reduce care and maintenance. They are food safe, and water and alcohol resistant.

*A note on hardness, resins and humidity. Even rim-blown flutes can effected by by humidity and condensation in the bore, altering sound quality and ease of playing. This is especially true in cooler temperatures, with harder, highly finished woods, and resin teated materials. The issue is easily solved by simply passing a swab through the flute to remove excess condensation.


Our flutes are generally tuned to A at 440 Hz. Although, working with traditional materials, perfect pitch is not always possible or even practical, especially across two octaves. This is, more than anything else relevant to what you will use the flute for. Concert tuned instruments are usually recommended for people who want to play along with other tuned instruments.

Having said this, it generally applies to other fixed pitch instruments, like another simple flute, but not necessarily to other “tuneable instruments”. For example, a friends guitar and many other instruments, can of course always tune to your flute. In this case, even if your flute is not tuned to concert pitch, your flute is ‘tuned to itself’ and will sound fine.

With rim-blown flutes, blowing style makes a substantial difference to pitch. Blowing obliquely, you can easily have over a semitone of flexibility depending on embouchure. So, fine tuning is not something to worry too much about. Practice and knowing your instrument, makes for perfect pitch.

Made to Order

We always have flutes in stock or in progress that are not listed here on the website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us for more information on what’s actually available. You can also join KunKuMan to be notified when new flutes of interest to you go online.

All Made to Order, or custom instruments, are designed to fit your exact needs. Making a deposit or pre-payment is generally not required. However, this depends on the specific request. Custom orders are followed by various exchanges on design, detailing, weathering, photos of work in progress, and finally audio samples. It generally takes four to six weeks. Actual delivery times subject to availability of materials.

About this Flute

If you have any questions about this flute, available materials, or finishes, please get in touch.

Capirona in F – ANC00143

Ask About this flute / ANC00143

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