We started with a need to create and we think this shows in our work. Unique hand drums and flutes …handcrafted with love and respect.

The Culture

We didn’t start out to make musical instruments …we started out with a need to create, and we think this shows in our work. The instruments, the music and the culture at KunKuMan grew from this need of the art, to exercise the potential, to guide the pursuit of tradition, to take hold and preserve it.

Hand Drums

Through the journey into drumming one gains a unique expression of spirit, a primal connection to each other and to nature. Drumming carries the energy, resonants and rhythms of the materials nature has provided to help us ground ourselves, to connect us to one another and to the earth. Yet nothing in life free… with great respect for the agave, the animals, and mother nature for what she has given us, we feel a profound responsibility to give something special in return.

The Craft

Every instrument is one-of-kind, unique and handcrafted with love and respect for the culture, the tradition and the materials we work with. For us, the agave, the leather, clay, and copper are every bit as important as the finished piece.

Flutes + Antaras

There are many mysteries locked within these instruments. Primitive flutes are one of the most expressive and sensitive. They are seen as individuals and so naturally have different and unique voices, expressing a range of different emotions, yet all within the boundaries of their origins.

Workshops + Retreats

It’s​ well worth the time and effort to learn more about designing and building your own instruments. There is great satisfaction and fulfillment in gaining traditional knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime​. Something that can be passed don to others. Help to keep these traditions alive and well.

Drum Workshop / May

Beginning to end, traditional Hand Drum

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Andean Retreat / June

Yakurumi, Andean Mountain Retreat

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First Flutes / July

First flutes, primitive rim-blown workshopt

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