KunKuMan Drums and Flutes are a work of art. We have seen first-hand the amount of thought, heart, and hours that are invested in creating each piece–from conceptualizing what the piece will look like to gathering the materials and bringing it to life. - Read More

Kate Cave & Jean-François Côté / Ontario, Canada

I was looking for a good shamanic drum to use in my women’s circles and holistic therapies when a friend and colleague recommended Eduardo’s beautiful drums. It was an excellent choice! The level of craftsmanship is second to none… - Read More

Marlene Montoya-Walsh / London, UK

Upon first seeing Eu’s drums I was impressed with their beauty. I am happy to have a wonderful drum with so much love and heart, and thankful to have met this great artist and maker of awesome drums… - Read More

Yuyu / Hawaii, United States of America

I love my drum that I made with Eu on his property in Caraz. The drum is made of the finest quality materials and is 100% natural, he also made me a bag to carry it in. He’s a really nice guy, who has a holistic and spiritual approach to life… - Read More

Tamara York / Western Australia

The care and attention to detail that John puts into every flute he makes is apparent. He respects and honors the traditions and history of the craft. He can give you the subtle differences in different cultures and the flutes they traditionally made and used… - Read More

Kelly Dwyer / Great Falls, Montana / Huaylas, Peru

I personally love KunkuMan drums, and the quality of the work. I contacted Eduardo without knowing him, and found him cordial and very detailed. From the beginning, our working relationship was great, and I found him very easy to trust… - Read More

Lily Maribel Llauca Flores / Lima, Peru