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KunKuMan Drums and Flutes are a work of art. We have seen first-hand the amount of thought, heart, and hours that are invested in creating each piece – from conceptualizing what the piece will look like to gathering the materials and bringing it to life – which is what makes them so unique. There is a real appreciation for the history and cultural ties to this style of handcrafted drums and flutes. We appreciate the time that John spent with us to discuss what we were looking for in a flute (style, sound, feel…). He was easy to talk to and listened closely to what we envisioned. He is incredibly passionate about his work, and dedicated to creating a flute that you will connect with and that will speak to you. For yourself to play, as a piece of art, or a gift for someone who would appreciate the craft, you won’t be disappointed with a drum or flute from KunKuMan.

Kate Cave & Jean-François Côté / Ontario, Canada

I was looking for a good shamanic drum to use in my women’s circles and holistic therapies when a friend and colleague recommended Eduardo’s beautiful drums. It was an excellent choice! In a warm and friendly conversation, Eduardo was able to connect with what I was looking for in a drum and from there, my beautiful healing drum was born. It did not take long to arrive from the magical land of Peru to the United Kingdom, in good condition and very carefully packed. The level of craftsmanship is second to none, and the post delivery service was great. In fact I’m already thinking of ordering more! Thank you very much KunKuman for such wonderful work — Light and Love.

Marlene Montoya-Walsh / London, UK
Upon first seeing Eu’s drums I was impressed with their beauty. It also made me happy to exchange very warm messages until I bought a drum. I am happy to have a wonderful drum with so much love and heart, and thankful to have met this great artist and maker of awesome drums.

Yuyu / Hawaii, United States of America
I love my drum that I made with Eu on his property in Caraz. The drum is made of the finest quality materials and is 100% natural, he also made me a bag to carry it in. He’s a really nice guy, who has a holistic and spiritual approach to life. John also lives on the property and makes amazing flutes.

Tamara York / Western Australia
The care and attention to detail that John puts into every flute he makes is apparent. He respects and honors the traditions and history of the craft.  He can give you the subtle differences in different cultures and the flutes they traditionally made and used. There were so many beautiful flutes to choose from, it was a very difficult decision. I love the meditative sound that I can now produce when playing it. 

Kelly Dwyer / Great Falls, Montana / Huaylas, Peru

I personally love KunkuMan drums, and the quality of the work. I contacted Eduardo without knowing him, and found him cordial and very detailed. He had a lot of good advice, and kept me well informed through the whole process. From the beginning, our working relationship was great, and I found him very easy to trust. Thank you Eu, your work is wonderful !!!!!! I love my drum!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Lily Maribel Llauca Flores / Lima, Peru
I located KunKuMan through an IG recommendation. From the first contact with them, the conversation flowed. All of my questions and concerns were answered with real dedication, which was especially appreciated — my knowledge of drums was quite limited. Euardo’s punctuality and attention to detail while working on my “tamborcito” was outstanding as well. I’m sure I’ll work with them again.

Luis Quijada / Lima, Peru
Making my own drum with Eduardo, was a great experience. The “Tamborcito” is an extension of the heart, and it shows in each of Eduardo’s drums. They’re made with dedication, time, and a lot of intention. My entire drum is made with quality materials, and the love is really evident, from start to finish, especially the personalised mantra. Thank you Eduardo, for that magical and powerful touch!

Andrea / Lima, Peru
Desde el primer momento, sentirme escuchada con lo que yo quería me hizo sentir “especial” dado que me acompañó Edu con sus preguntas para que ? Como ? Y en fin a descubrir con que resonaba para mi tambor (unico y especial) así como también me escucho en cuatro oportunidades mas, en querer dar un tambor a tres personas muy queridas para mi, asi como un tambor para mi familia, ¡simplemente MARAVILLOSO!

Rosario Meza / Lima, Peru
My boyfriend gave me a Sun Drum for my 32 birthday. Wow! For me, having a birthday means returning to the sun, and doing it hand in hand with this drum was healing in every way. With an image of a hummingbird, the master guide, on the head of my drum — it reminded me of my grandmother, now a star in the sky. I am forever grateful for the sound of my Sun Drum, and the healing of the spirit it brings. Thank you Eu, for the hands that designed this powerful drum! Hallallla!!!!

Madre Luna / Lima, San Miguel, Peru
The detail they put into each of their drums, makes them truly unique. They have a character, and sound that conveys the dedication they put into making each one. We have 4 drums from KunkuMan, and they are all part of our day to day life, they are always with us!

Gianina Jiménez E. / Lima, Peru
In my case, I went to Eu’s shop to help finish my drum, to learn, and to have a better connection with the whole process. Mine is the Water Drum, and it has been a wonderful experience in life, a true connection with myself…

Rebeca Arango / Lima, Peru

I’m very happy with my instruments, and very grateful for the treatment and care I received. I especially love the grace and good fortune that had to take place for them to reach me — my drums are bewitched with a powerful energy, their healing resonates with a connection of the heart, with the heart of the earth ❤️ . Feliz con mis instrumentos y muy agradecida por el trato y atención recibida .

Patricia Lung Chang / Lima, Peru
It was a very different experience. And I’m grateful for the attention, and dedication put into these instruments.

Julio Javier Lung Chang / Jesus Maria, Lima, Peru
A marvelous experience in approaching the “soul” of a drum, and understanding what I wanted from it, what I was searching for …and by the way, it was really nice to be in a beautiful place with interesting and warm company — I want more!!!

I bought one of the ceremonial drums, and Eduardo was very kind, and explanatory throughout the whole process. Everything, including delivery met all my expectations. The finished drum sounds great (the more I play it, the better it sounds), and the bag and drum stick are really beautiful.

Alejandro / Lima, Peru
Excellent work, the love, and talent that goes into making each one is really obvious when playing the instrument, they’re pure magic!

Dennis Araujo / Lima, Peru
I liked the personalized attention and drum, the initial interview, and the “intention”, the ritual way of doing it.

Emmanuel / Lima, PeruEmmanuel / Lima, Peru
I have found a magnificent drum full of magic.

Yuri / Lima, Peru
Excellent … the healing sound and quality is wonderful.

Pi / Junin, Peru
Excellent work, made with a lot of dedication, and a lot of love. 100% recommended!

Diana / Lima, Peru
The whole process was a pleasure. I was kept well informed, and they were genuinely concerned that the my drum would arrive safely and on time.

Eduardo Gamio / Lima, Peru
I am very satisfied. Everything is 100% handcrafted, and you feel the personal touch, like a little magic — it’s all reflected in the drum.

Francisco / Oxapampa, Peru
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